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Be Always Ready By Eliminating Vulnerabilities Early

95% of all damaging cyber attacks are the result of exploiting well-known vulnerabilities. As your dependence on technology increases and you introduce additional electronic systems and software to support your operations, the rate of discovering and exploiting software vulnerabilities will continue to rise.

In today’s complex threat environment of malware, spyware, disgruntled employees and aggressive international hackers, developing and enforcing a strict and regular network security policy that incorporates ongoing vulnerability assessment is critical to maintaining business continuity. However, the process of vulnerability assessment and remediation sometimes is overlooked as a critical component of sound security practices.

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Due to the changing nature of the security landscape and business requirements, new threats are putting organizations and their data at risk. By not taking steps to recognize and eliminate vulnerabilities, organizations, their systems and applications are potentially susceptible to exploitation, on a recurring basis.

Above Security’s ArkAngel security appliance allows you to perform targeted or network-wide vulnerability scans to anticipate and prevent common system vulnerabilities. Our online ArkAngel Security Management Portal offers a host of options to give you the flexibility to easily schedule recurring vulnerability scans in advance or on demand. In addition, consolidated reports allow you to demonstrate compliance with external and internal regulations.

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Vulnerability Assessment Services

A Vulnerability Assessment identifies, quantifies and prioritizes the information security strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s computing environment from a technical perspective and provides a plan-of-action so that you can mitigate risk of serious consequences from any exploitable components that can lead to unauthorized access.

Above Security Vulnerability Assessment

Regular vulnerability assessments demonstrate due diligence and is an important component of an organization’s overall risk management strategy. Vulnerability Assessments should be performed in the following conditions:

  • During the design and development of any new IT system
  • After any upgrades to your organization’s IT infrastructure or applications
  • As part of your ongoing organizational due diligence
  • As part of regular compliance reporting, such as PCI-DSS

An Above Security Vulnerability Assessment will identify the key information assets of your organization, determine the vulnerabilities that threaten the security of those assets, provide recommendations to strengthen your security posture, and help mitigate risk allowing you to focus your IT resources more effectively.

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

The ArkAngel security appliance maintains an up-to-date database and includes thousands of known vulnerabilities. Through our ArkAngel customer portal, you can see the threat levels in your network and learn how to fix them. For more advanced threat levels, our team of security experts will assist you in remediating those threats in the most effective way possible.

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Be Always Ready

The ArkAngel security appliance is continually updated with releases of newly identified vulnerabilities. While updates are automatically applied, the ArkAngel security appliance checks for updates every time it runs a vulnerability scan to make sure you are ready to defend your network against the latest threats.

Comprehensive Reports

The ArkAngel online customer portal provides you with a predefined set of reports in addition to giving you the flexibility of building your own custom reports. Reports vary from executive-level to detailed technical reports, giving your organization different views that are relevant to your users. Our security posture and trend analysis reports will provide you with a clear view of your network’s security evolution over time.

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Above Security’s Managed Vulnerability Assessments offer the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive vulnerability report management and incident management platform
  • Adherence to internal policies and regulatory compliance requirements. Ensure you’re in compliance with customer and shareholder requirements, regulations and standards. We can help you comply with major regulations such as SOX,PCI, NERC/ CIP, SAS70/SSAE16, GLBA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO and more
  • Added Infrastructure Visibility—Discover previously unknown network inventory through a vulnerability assessment and determine remediation options
  • Gain Insights and Recommendations—Provides an inventory of vulnerabilities detected as well as comprehensive and prioritized recommendations for each detected vulnerability
  • Improve Your Overall Security Posture—Ensure proactive risk management, improve compliance with regulatory initiatives and gain a deeper knowledge of your potential problems

Why Above Security?

  • Expert Analysis—The Above Security assessment team is trained in exploit execution and creation, ensuring that all technical vulnerabilities are verified to the highest level of detail possible ensuring organizations receive legitimate, proven, and prioritized technical vulnerabilities.
  • Comprehensive Reports—A key feature of the Above Security Vulnerability Assessment Service is human research and analysis applied to the delivery of the vulnerability assessment reports. Our comprehensive reports address specific business and technical requirements and provide a clear plan-of-action to improve the security of information systems. This reporting process can be tailored to specific client requirements.
  • Leading Edge Tools and Techniques— Our team reviews and researches potential vulnerabilities detected by scanning tools to reduce false positives, validate findings, and propose remediation by using tools and techniques that are employed by malicious attackers.
  • Proven Methodology—Our team members use practical approaches, proven in the information security realm. Above Security follows a systematic methodology to conduct vulnerability assessments.
  • A True Security Practitioner—As a true security practitioner, we can show you how vulnerability assessments map to critical areas of security – risk management, IT governance, threat modeling, and the software development lifecycle to help you navigate your security roadmap to ensure success in your projects and goals.
  • Real World Business Advice—Above Security goes beyond automated tests and reports and provides real threats that are relevant to the application and the industry rather than note adherence to a generic standard

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