Security Device Management
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Security Device Management

Above Security Security Device Management provides the following benefits:

Continuous device support 

We provide ongoing support of security devices to proactively implement, support and manage device configurations

Experienced device management

We have the expertise to support most device, firewall, and Unified Threat Management configurations

24×7 service

Our information security analysts are available around the clock to monitor device uptime and alert you of device failures

Timely updates and patches

We apply patches and updates to operating systems and software for you, enabling you to focus on business objectives

Troubleshooting and vendor liaison

When issues occur, we provide you with technical support and talk to device vendors on your behalf

Assurance of device performance

After network updates are complete, we test and validate security device performance to optimize the utility of your devices

Firewall Management

Above Security provides full firewall management capability to its clients as a service. This includes upgrades and patches management, policy configuration, 24/7 administration, log monitoring, and threat response.


File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor and validate the change control policies of system and application files for a broad range of operation systems and applications, providing an early indicator of potential harm or intended file corruption.

Web Application Security

Our full range of web application security services includes testing of software against security standards, ongoing penetration testing, application code reviews, corrective actions, Web application firewall and application development training.


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