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Big Data Meets Cyber Security And Protection

With devices and technologies such as network firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems (ID/PS), VPNs, routers and switches, business-critical systems, noncritical servers and an overabundance of endpoints in your organization generating large amounts of logs, it’s almost impossible to discern between the events that are relevant to security versus those that are not.

Above Security’s Log Management Services offer timely and accurate identification of security-relevant events to ensure that you are responding to valid threats, that you are applying the right response, and that your critical assets are properly protected at all times.

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Security and Logs and Events Collection

The ArkAngel security appliance collects security log and event information from all devices on your network, including all security devices in addition to database and application servers and even iSeries AS 400 systems. This comprehensive and technology-agnostic approach is a key factor in our ability to deliver comprehensive coverage of your network and the best protection possible against the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

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Log Correlation

Above Security’s advanced proprietary log correlation engine allows us to detect the most sophisticated cyber attacks by analyzing and correlating raw systems and security logs to identify trends over an extended period of time. ArkAngel’s advanced log correlation engine, combined with our highly-skilled and dedicated security team, will filter out all false positives, identify real security events and cyber threats that need to be addressed, and work with your team to eliminate them.

Log Retention

Log Retention improves the ability of detecting new anomalies threatening the security of your critical assets. Above Security’s Log Retention Service makes it easy for you to comply with the different regulations while reducing the hassle, cost, and overhead related to collecting, storing and reporting on logs from hundreds of security and networking devices, applications, database servers, and other systems. Logs are retained in the ArkAngel secure cloud and remain accessible on-demand through the ArkAngel management portal.

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Our Log Management and Retention Services are designed to:

  • Capture and store customer-specified system logs from IT devices, systems and other network assets to the log retention appliance
  • Implement software upgrades and security patches to log retention appliances
  • Monitor the information security, system health and performance of log retention appliances 24/7
  • Adhere to internal policies and regulatory compliance requirements, such as GLBA, PCI DSS, and HIPAA
  • Provide clients online and on-demand log access

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