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Keeping The Bad Guys Out

Firewalls are a first layer of defense and allow you to block threats before they can even enter and affect your network. By monitoring and configuring your firewalls, Above Security can eliminate most threats very quickly. This managed service improves your organization’s performance as well as the performance of your other security services (e.g. IDS, endpoint protection) that you may have deployed deeper in your network.

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Full Firewall Management 

Managing firewalls to deliver the best performance can be a very complex and daunting tasks for many IT professionals. By leveraging our team’s specialized security expertise, you can offload those tasks to our specialists. Our team will properly deploy, manage, upgrade and patch firewalls to keep you protected at all times. As an extension to our managed security offering, you will be covered on 24/7 basis, while our team applies any new security rules or specific updates to your environment as soon as they become available.

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Flexible and Technology Agnostic

Managing firewalls requires a high level of expertise in order to properly deploy, manage, upgrade and patch firewalls. Above Security has the necessary security expertise and best-practice processes to remotely manage your firewall, and offers two ways of service deployment: using your own firewall, or asking us to deploy our firewall in case you have not yet invested in one.


With Above Security’s Firewall Management Service, our customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost of monitoring and managing firewalls in-house
  • Firewall performance optimization
  • Remote support and intervention, even during off hours
  • Preventing threats by blocking malicious traffic/ flow
  • Defining and monitoring network flow matrix to be in line with your business objectives
  • Technical expertise to optimize your rules and boost your organization’s performance
  • Deploying firewall rules with speed and precision
  • Reporting on the various observed and blocked threats
  • User management
  • VPN access management
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