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Protecting The Integrity And Confidentiality Of Your Data

IT assets and confidential corporate information are stored in the form of files across an organization’s network, and protecting the integrity of these confidential files is paramount. Though the tools to satisfy this need are difficult to configure and use, and impose a big burden on your IT staff.

Above Security’s File Integrity Monitoring solution, deploys our own security tool to protect and monitor your critical and OS files against any compromising attempts or unauthorized access.

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File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Service

Above Security’s File Integrity Monitoring Service detects modifications on your organization’s sensitive information assets. In conjunction with your IT team, Above Security’s experts determine the critical files used by your business processes and monitor this data on a 24/7 to respond to incidents in real time.

Our FIM service complements our security services by fine-tuning our ability to detect and respond to complex attacks in order to help your business reach and exceed your industry’s security standards.


Comprehensive Coverage

The following is a list of exploits that Above Security FIM Service provides effective monitoring of changes to:

  • File size
  • Version
  • Time of file creation and modification
  • Author of file modification
  • Unauthorized access of confidential files
  • Changes to directories
  • Security permissions – newly-added, deleted and changes to existing permissions
  • Registry changes – changed registry values, removed registry keys and sub keys
  • Changes in system binaries and configuration files


With our FIM service, you will be able to:

  • Reduce your maintenance and intervention costs
  • Effectively protect your critical IT assets
  • Increase your compliance level
  • Effectively remove the deepest and most persistent threats on your network
  • Get technical expertise to detect and determine real threats to your business processes
  • Get reporting on file integrity checking

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