Secure Code Review
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Secure Code Review

Above Security’s secure code review approach is based on the SANS “Secure Web Applications Technologies” (SWAT) best practice. If the code cannot be shared outside your premises, our security consultants are ready to work on site. Throughout the review, a guided walkthrough of the code by a developer will be helpful but is inadequate in itself to provide a comprehensive assessment. However, a developer should be made available for questions to facilitate analysis. The code will need to be loaded on the consultant’s computer for analysis.

searching out security threats

Above Security was recognized by CIO Review Magazine as one the of the 20 most promising enterprise security consulting companies worldwide

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Above Security’s Secure Code Review was designed to cover the following elements:

  • Error handling and logging
  • Data protection
  • Authentication
  • Session management
  • Input and output handling
  • Access control

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