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technical security audits

Improve your Security Posture with Above Security’s Technical Security Audits

Do you keep you confidential data well protected? Can critical information assets be accessed without proper authorization? Can your websites or networks become unavailable?

Above Security’s technical security audits will provide you with the answers and recommendations you need to improve your security posture and protect your organization’s most valuable assets. Technical security audits detect the vulnerabilities that can be used by unauthorized users and uncover the weaknesses of your organization’s security processes. They are carried by our certified security consultants (ethical hackers) who simulate attacks by using the same techniques as a malicious attacker. The objective of such an audit is to evaluate if your organization’s informational structure can be easily accessed without authorization or not.

Above Security’s consultants will help bring clarity to what needs to be done for your organization to safeguard your critical IT assets, all while following recognized best-practice strategies in the industry.

Certified Security Professionals

With nearly 15 years of experience in IT security and risk management, Above Security employs a team of experts who are just that – certified information security experts (CISA/M, CISSP, PCI QSA/ASV, ISO 27001 LA, GCIA/H, CEH, CFI, CRISC, CGEIT).

Security and IT Risk Management Expertise

By partnering with Above Security, your team will have a specialized security team extension that leverages the knowledge gathered from over 400 technical security assessments per year across all verticals.

Best-Practice Approach

Above Security’s methods and practices are in conformity with the Canadian and American legislations in terms of information systems verification, and are based on best practices recognized by the industry (ISECOM OSSTMM, ISO 27001/27002, SEI, NIST, OWASP, PCI and GAO).

Penetration Testing

Intrusion or penetration tests are designed to simulate a real attack against your infrastructure in a controlled environment. It’s the first step to finding out how secure your IT assets are.

The final test report will help understand your current security posture, and provide you with recommendations on how to improve your defense against technological vulnerabilities that can lead to intrusions, fraud and service interruptions.

Penetration Testing

Security Architecture and Configuration Reviews

Above Security’s security architecture and configuration reviews provide a detailed analysis of the security architecture of your network, including network topology, installed components, device properties, configurations, information exchange protocols, allowed services, etc.

As a result of the review you will get a detailed report summarizing the current configuration of your servers as well as the architecture of your IT network, and recommendations of countermeasures and enhancements to enhance your security posture.

Secure Code Review

Above Security’s secure code review approach is based on the SANS “Secure Web Applications Technologies” (SWAT) best practice. The code review will also conform to your security practices. In addition to reviewing the code, our security consultants can lead secure coding workshops with your development team to make sure that they are up to date on the latest methods of securing your in-house built applications.

search for security threats

security threat hook

Social Engineering

Above Security’s Social Engineering service allows you to detect weaknesses to better address your staff-related security issues. An additional objective of a Social Engineering mandate is to establish solutions to increase the global level of your corporate data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

The result is a more secure working environment against fraud and data compromising attempts, and a more security aware staff resulting in an improved overall security posture of your organization.

Information Assurance Audit

Above Security tailors the use of security architectures, frameworks, methodologies, and models to meet your industry needs, legislative, and regulatory compliance requirements. Above Security can perform assessments and audits for various size organizations, from complex enterprises to small and medium businesses, as well as for different industries with multiple regulatory requirements—such as financial services, government, communications, healthcare, energy, oil and gas and retail.

Threat Risk Assessment

Threat Risk Assessment

An Above Security TRA provides the foundation for a risk management program. Assessments ensure that appropriate and reasonable methods are in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of stored, processed, or electronically transmitted information.
Above Security performs numerous TRAs annually and works with a wide variety of systems, applications, and security classifications which provides the breadth and depth of experience to do a thorough assessment.

Web Application Assessment

An Above Security Web Application Assessment will help you fully understand the vulnerabilities in your online applications, whether a public website serving your customers or a third-party supplier interface into your corporate CRM. Our web application assessment goes beyond a collection of automated tests and delves much deeper into application logic and security controls, giving you peace of mind and not just a compliance
check mark.

Web Application Assessment

Above Security conducts over 400 technical security audits per year for clients across all verticals

Over 400 Technical Audits Annually

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