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Why Choose Above Security's Consulting Services

Worried about compliance requirements? Not sure whether your network is vulnerable to cyberattacks? With more than 400 security audits conducted annually, Above Security’s certified consultants have the necessary expertise to determine what is really needed to protect your organizations against cyberthreats and network intrusions.

With over 15 years of IT risk management consulting experience, Above Security is the trusted adviser for many organizations around the globe. We offer a full range of specialized consulting services around IT security and risk management. Our consultants and security experts are helping organizations comply with internal governance rules and external regulatory requirements, ensure that their network and critical IT assets are protected, and that their staff is fully equipped to address external and internal threats.

Security and IT Risk Management Expertise

By partnering with Above Security, your team will have a specialized security team extension that has well-documented procedures to deal with security threats. This will help your IT staff respond to security events in the most efficient manner.

Comply with Regulations

Our customers are leveraging our Consulting Services to protect their critical IT assets, but also to comply with internal and external regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and others.

Optimized Protection

We help our customers protect their networks by identifying vulnerabilities in their networks, and by implementing the necessary fixes, policies and procedures to make sure your network stays protected against intrusions.

Above Security’s Team of Consultants has Extensive Certified Expertise

Above Security is affiliated with major IT security organizations to stay on top of the latest industry trends & developments (e.g. PCI SSC, FIRST, ISACA, SAINT, Snort, Sourcefire VRT)



In addition to the current threat landscape, organizations are often required to meet various compliance requirements specific to their verticals and business processes (e.g. PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GLBA). Failure to comply with these regulations may have serious implications such as fines, legal action, remediation costs, lost revenues, and a damaged brand.

Above Security can help you conduct analysis, deploy technology based on the assessment of your requirements, and implement policies and procedures to achieve the highest levels of compliance. Our consulting services are designed to help you address regulatory requirements to safeguard your business and make sure you comply with your industry’s regulations.


Services include threat risk analysis, asset inventory and classification. Through a set of multi-disciplinary policies, structures, processes, procedures and controls, developed and applied to manage information at an enterprise level, Above Security governance consulting services provide guidance on how to determine information security objectives and how to measure the progress towards achieving them.

technical security audits

Technical Security Audits

Technical Security Audits identify vulnerabilities on a variety of your network devices, e.g. servers, appliances, applications and workstations, and make sure that they don’t lead to further exploitation. At the end of each audit, you will receive a comprehensive report that will provide you with an accurate and in-depth view of your risk profile. Services include intrusion tests, vulnerability assessments, security architecture and configuration reviews, code reviews, and social engineering.

Training and Awareness

With an ever-evolving IT threat landscape, today’s organizations need to make sure their teams are fully briefed on the best practices and usage guidelines in information security. Above Security has developed a comprehensive training and awareness program, not simply to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to security but also to minimize your risks associated with internal threats. Services include secure coding workshops and employee security awareness programs.

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