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Masahiro Takano

Masahiro Takano, Chairman of the Board

As Chairman of Above Security’s Board of Directors since 2015, Masahiro Takano leads and oversees all strategic planning to make Above Security one of the major global security companies. With over 35 years of experience in the information technology business, Masahiro has held key leadership positions for Hitachi Ltd., started new business units and held advisory positions of multiple venture companies. Currently Senior Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi Systems Ltd., Masahiro is responsible for expanding the organization’s security, network and cloud integration business with several group companies.

Masahiro joined Hitachi Ltd. in 1979 and has since engaged in the development of storage-related products and served as the Lead Engineer of enterprise RAID systems that have become more than a 4 billion dollar business globally. As the leader of global business operations, Masahiro contributed to the promotion of Hitachi’s global storage solution at Hitachi Data Systems Corp. After joining Hitachi Systems Ltd. in 2012, Masahiro has contributed to the increase of the revenues of the related business group to more than 180% within four years through a combination of organic expansion strategies and several successful acquisitions.

In addition to his executive position at Hitachi Systems Ltd., Masahiro also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cumulus Systems Inc., a US-based software company for system performance monitoring, and serves on the Board of Directors of Hitachi Systems Power Services Ltd., a Japan-based IT services company for electric power operators.


Akira Kusakabe, President and CEO

In his position as president and CEO, Akira Kusakabe’s efforts focus on defining the strategic long and mid-term strategic goals of the company, aligning the goals and objectives of Above Security and Hitachi Systems Ltd., meeting Above Security growth goals and expand its global services reach to become a globally recognized leader in the information security space.

Akira joined Hitachi, Ltd in 1983 and has more than 30 years of experience in corporate management, sales and marketing, information and communication technology. He played a large role in helping to grow Hitachi America and Hitachi Mexico, and he served as CEO of Hitachi Group Companies in South America at Hitachi Brazil.

Fadi Albatal

Fadi Albatal, Chief Strategy Officer

As chief strategy officer, Fadi Albatal drives Above Security’s corporate strategy development and execution in bringing its services to new markets and establishing a stronger presence around the world. As acting chief marketing officer, he is also responsible for building the sales and marketing team to support Above Security’s global operations and goals.

Throughout his career, Fadi has held several management positions in the IT and security industry and co-founded Langu-edge Solutions, a language services company, where he served as CIO. Prior to joining Above Security, Fadi was the founder and CEO of Bimand, where he led a team of engineers to transform the consumer TV experience.

Daniel Gaudreau

Daniel Gaudreau, Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Gaudreau has been with Above Security since 2004. As chief operating officer, he oversees the managed security and professional service operations, as well as IT governance.

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Daniel is an experienced leader who adheres to the new school of management emphasis on empowerment and coaching. He’s earned numerous information security industry certifications, including CISA, CISM, CISSP, PCI QSA and ISO 27001 LA. Prior to joining Above Security, he worked for the MEI Group in different management roles and at Correctional Services Canada as regional chief of information technology.

Kansuke Kuroyanagi

Kansuke Kuroyanagi, Board Member

In his position as Board Member of Above Security’s Board of Directors since 2015, Kansuke Kuroyanagi is responsible for ensuring the smooth transition of Above Security as a Hitachi Group Company, and for maximizing the security business synergies between Above Security and related Hitachi group companies. As Division General Manager of Hitachi Systems Ltd., Kansuke is also in charge of the organization’s network and security business on the worldwide market.

Kansuke joined Hitachi Ltd. in 1985 and has since worked as a Software Engineer of various types of network products, including telephone switching systems, IP network systems and mobile network systems. Kansuke also served as a Project Manager for large-scale IT-based system developments, such as service delivery platforms for mobile operators and a tapeless broadcasting system for a broadcasting operator. After joining Hitachi Systems Ltd. in 2013, Kansuke has led the network and security business and initiated successful acquisitions of the organization’s security companies.

In addition to his executive position at Hitachi Systems Ltd., Kansuke also serves on the Board of Directors of Secure Brain, a Japan-based internet security company that is growing in the financial services industry.


Kenji Kuroki, Chief Financial Officer

As chief financial officer, Kenji Kuroki oversees Above Security’s global finance and treasury-related activities to ensure the company is aligned with the guiding principles and standards of its parent company, Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Kenji joined Hitachi Group in 1988 and has more than 25 years of experience in international finance and accounting. He’s held several senior management positions within Hitachi Group and Hitachi Capital America, and he has supervised an array of finance and accounting operations, including business strategy, budget planning, financial reporting, tax filing, control and procurement, payroll and funding.

Robert Lawrie

Robert Lawrie, Corporate Director

Since Hitachi Systems, Ltd. acquired Above Security in 2015, Robert Lawrie has been an outside director. He brings nearly 40 years of global corporate experience from corporate directorships in the U.S., U.K., Luxembourg and Canada. He is also Chairman of the Hawk Capital Group of companies in Europe and Canada, merchant and M&A bankers. Previously, he was in private and corporate law practice in the U.S. and Canada and was a partner in the private equity firm CVC Capital Partners in London and Frankfurt.

Robert has extensive experience in not-for-profit governance, and is currently Board Chair of the Canadian Cancer Society, Canada’s largest health charity. Robert’s law degree and BA are from the University of Toronto.

Robert has extensive experience on not-for-profit boards, finance and capital campaign committees primarily in healthcare and dance.  He is a passionate cyclist and has captained the Docs’ Choice – Mercedes-Benz team for the last five years in the Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto) Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Robert’s law degree and BA are from the University of Toronto.