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managed security systems for small to medium businesses

Above Security's Managed Security Services For Small and Medium Businesses

Above Security Managed Security Services for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) have been designed to cater to the IT security needs of smaller organizations. While SMBs are exposed to the same IT risks as the bigger enterprises, the cost of deploying adequate security solutions can be prohibitive. Above Security’s MSS-SMB services offer you the highest standard of protection with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that matches your needs, and at a fraction of the price of in-house solutions.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Above Security’s IDS is your first line of defense against intrusion and IT compromisation attempts. As soon as an intrusion is detected in your network, an alert will notify our security analysts to further investigate it and work with your team to neutralize the intrusion attempts as needed.


Log Management

All security-related log data of monitored devices is collected by the on-premise sensors and sent to our Security Operations Center for aggregation, correlation and retention. It is then analyzed by our 24/7 security team in order to identify security incidents, fraudulent activity, and operational problems.

Incident Response Management

As security alerts arise, they are investigated by our security analyst team on a regular basis throughout the day. If any of those alerts are determined to be a threat to the client’s network, an incident will be created. According to the parameters established in conjunction with the client, the alert will be immediately escalated to the clients’ defined contacts.


heartbleed virusSuccess Story: Heartbleed Virus

In 2014, Above Security’s 24/7 Managed Security Service detected several critical servers running vulnerable OpenSSL in a client environment. A high-severity incident was created, the affected servers were patched before being exploited and another vulnerability scan was conducted to confirm the fixes.

Additional Managed Security Services are available to our SMB customers offering them the flexibility to cater a security solution that fits their specific needs and budgets.


Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management can be added at anytime to further enhance the security posture of your organization. This service offers scheduled and on-demand vulnerability scanning capability against the latest known vulnerabilities, providing you with a clear picture of your security posture at anytime.


Firewall Management

Firewall Management can help smaller companies with limited IT staff to maintain high level of readiness at all times. The service includes upgrades and patches management, policy configuration, 24/7 administration, log monitoring, and threat response.


Web Application Security

Smaller organizations with little in-house IT security expertise can leverage services to develop well secured web applications and secure their online web applications. Above Security offers a full range of Web Application Security services including Web Application Security Testing, Code Review, and Web Application Firewall (WAF).


File Integrity Monitoring

Our File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) service monitors and validates the change control policies of system and application files for a broad range of operation systems and applications, providing early indication of potential harm or intended file corruption.


Endpoint Protection

Collecting and aggregating logs from endpoint protection solutions allows our security experts teams to analyze threats to individual machines on or beyond the security perimeter in order to identify advanced threats in their early stages.

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