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Managed Security Services For The Enterprise Catering To Your Specific IT Security Needs

Above Security Managed Security Services are  built to address your growing IT security needs. Our MSS-Enterprise Essentials provide you with the core managed security services you need to protect your most critical IT assets with the highest Service Level Agreement (SLA). As your IT security needs evolve you will be able to take advantage of our MSS-Add-ons helping you meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements and internal controls.

Managed Security Services - Enterprise Essentials

Above Security’s MSS-Enterprise Essentials were built with enterprise requirements in mind. These services offer you the benefits of our state-of-the-art ArkAngel security management platform, in addition to having 24/7 monitoring by our team of certified IT security specialists. MSS-Enterprise Essentials includes the right mix of services to address your primary IT security needs. Our enterprise-level services adhere to the highest IT security standards and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Our security specialist team will be constantly monitoring your critical assets, and will start working with your team as soon as an alarming incident is identified to neutralize it.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Above Security’s IDS are your first line of defense against intrusion and IT compromisation attempts. As soon as an intrusion is detected, it can be stopped and an alert will notify our security analysts to further investigate it and work with your team to neutralize any intrusion attempts if needed.


Vulnerability Management

To keep your network protected at all times, our vulnerability management service allows for scheduled and on-demand vulnerability scanning against the latest known vulnerabilities. A variety of network devices, e.g. servers, appliances, applications and workstations, can be scanned for vulnerabilities. Full vulnerability reports are also generated, thus giving clients a very accurate and up-to-date view of their risk profile.

Log Management

All security-related log data of monitored devices is collected and sent to our Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for automated aggregation, correlation and retention. Results are further analyzed by our 24/7 security team in order to identify security incidents, fraudulent activity, and operational problems.


Incident Response Management

Once an alert is determined to be a threat to the client’s network, our IT security specialists will escalate it according to the parameters established in conjunction with the client. The incident is then fully managed through our secure ArkAngel management portal to ensure prompt and effective incident resolution.

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Above Security is the only Canadian IT Security Service Provider to be featured amongst Gartner’s “top 10 vendors to watch”

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Managed Security Services - Enterprise Add-ons

Above Security MSS-Enterprise Add-ons allow you to customize your IT security services to match your enterprise needs. Services can be added individually to your MSS-Enterprise Essentials and will all be managed through your secure ArkAngel portal, providing you with a global view of all your IT security operations in one simple manner.


Firewall Management

Above Security provides full firewall management capabilities as a service to its clients. This includes upgrades and patch management, policy configuration, 24/7 administration, log monitoring, and threat response.


File Integrity Monitoring

Above Security’s File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) service monitors and validates the change control policies of system and application files for a large range of operating systems and applications, providing early indication of potential harm or intended file corruption.


Web Application Security

Our full range of Web Application Security services includes testing of software against security standards, ongoing penetration testing, application code reviews, corrective actions, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and application development training.


Endpoint Protection

Collecting and aggregating logs from endpoint protection solutions allows our security experts teams to analyze threats to individual machines on or beyond the security perimeter to identify advanced threats in their early stages.

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