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Courses Catalogue

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Get the training you need to ensure the success of your information security program

Gain practical and up-to-date knowledge with courses delivered by expert and engaging information security practitioners. The following course options are available:

Security Fundamentals

This is the ideal course for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of information security.

Based on the ISO_IEC 27002:2005 standard, along with other internationally-recognized standards and practices, this course describes the core fundamentals of information security and its alignment with business requirements, along with concepts, processes, and design elements.

You will learn the relationship between information security and business, what risk means in the information security industry, what the core fundamentals of information security are, how to design and implement effective security procedures, and how to properly manage incidents.

Who should attend?

Managers, project leads, system and data owners, IT Systems Administrators, Security Administrators, Database Administrators, Access Control (PKI) Administrators, Systems Analysts and Designers, Application Developers, Business Analysts, and user representatives

Duration: 2 Days

Advanced Security Management (CISSP and CISM preparation course)

This Above Security CISSP preparation course follows the ISO_IEC 27002:2005 standard, along with other internationally recognized standards and practices, such as the US government Enhanced Body of Knowledge, the CISSPR CBKR, and the CISMR certification content.

The course provides a clear understanding of principles of business alignment, explaining the role of IT and Security in supporting business goals and objectives, as well as the critical role of risk management.

Focusing on proper oversight, management, and policy relating to IT security, this course explains how to identify critical business functions and the IT systems that support them, as well as how to establish a risk‐based and costeffective security program.

If you desire a CISSP, or if your job requires it, this course is the training for you. After completing the course, you will have an effective working knowledge of the components needed, and will be ready to pass the CISSP exam.

Who should attend?

IT leaders in the security communities, from intermediate to experienced; several years of experience is advised as this is an advanced program, based on International Standards applicable to Senior Managers

Duration: 5 Days

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA preparation course)

This course assists you to prepare for the challenging, but rewarding, CISA® certification examination.

It addresses specific topics covered in the examination, to ensure that you gain a thorough understanding of the core concepts and issues that an Information Systems Auditor and CISA examination candidate must be familiar with.

The course follows the examination outline, and is divided into six content domains: The IS Audit Process, IT Governance, Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management, IT Service Delivery and Support, Protection of Information Assets, as well as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Course material is based on the topics outlined in the ISACA® Candidate’s Guide to the CISA Exam and Certification, available from the ISACA website at

Who should attend?

New and experienced IT Auditors who want to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge, in addition to Information Security, Physical Security, and Program Management staff, as well as Business Analysts, Chief Information Officers, System Architects, and Engineers

Duration: 2 Days

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM preparation course)

This course provides you with a solid understanding of the field of Information Security Management, with emphasis on risk mitigation, incident handling, business continuity, and effective program management, and will assist you to prepare for the challenging CISM® exam.

The course follows the examination outline, and is divided into five content domains: Information Security Governance, Information Risk Management, Information Security Program Development, Information Security Program Management, as well as Incident Management and Response.

Course material is based on the topics outlined in the ISACA® Candidate’s Guide to the CISM Exam and Certification, available from the ISACA website at

Who should attend?

Personnel who design, develop, implement, and manage application development and infrastructure

Duration: 4 Days

Enhanced Secure Programming and Development (EPSD)

Based on several international standards, including the ISO_IEC 27002:2005 standard, the OWASP guidelines, Information Assurance Technical Framework, and other engineering and capability maturity models, this course meets the needs of IT Developers, Systems Architects and Analysts, as well as IT Auditors.

You will gain an understanding of how to incorporate security into all new and modified systems, ensuring that systems are reliable, compliant with regulations and best security practices, and also protect the interests of your organization.

The course will ensure that you have an awareness of the elements of security and how to design systems that will withstand attack, preserve the integrity and confidentiality of data, and will work effectively to meet your business requirements.

Who should attend?

Personnel that design, develop, implement, and manage application development and infrastructure

Duration: 2 Days

Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA) Fundamentals

This course is the integration of practical consulting experience into a hands-on, interactive environment. The goal is to teach everything you need to know to build a robust, effective, and proven business-driven security architecture.

This three-day, 10-module training course is designed to be an applied learning experience with real-world security practitioners in mind. The curriculum is an adaptation of industry best practices and frameworks, including TOGAF, ISO 27000 series, COBIT, NIST, and PCI-DSS.

Learn more about the ESA Fundamentals curriculum.

Who should attend?

Security and risk management professionals, architects, IT and network practitioners, and executives wishing to gain a greater understanding of building a business-driven security program

Duration: 3 Days

Attendee Comments From a Previous ESA Presentation

  • “I enjoyed the practical applications of the content. [The instructor] is highly knowledgeable and specific in details.” —James Myers, Security & Risk Management Professional
  • “A ton of info…but it was easy to understand and digest.” — Cory Mathews, Computer & Network Security Professional
  • “Excellent concepts that are beneficial for real-time discussions with clients.” — Naveen Krishnan, Whitley Penn Financial
  • “Fantastic course.” — Scott Geye, Whitley Penn Financial
  • “Excellent!” —David Hernandez, Whitley Penn Financial
  • “Great material.” — James Munoz, Information Technology Executive
  • “Awesome course.” — Nitin Salvi, Information Security Architect


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