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An Intelligent and Contextual Information Risk Management Platform

The ArkAngel platform was designed to transform live information security data from multiple sources into actionable information, allowing you to respond to IT security risks or developing threats in a timely manner.


ArkAngel gives you a 360 degree view of your IT risk and security posture, allowing you to monitor and manage your risk level continuously to your own defined standards.


ArkAngel allows our security experts to collaborate with our customers to best protect their networks and IT assets, and provide with a secure environment to properly and quickly respond to threats.

Technology Agnostic

ArkAngel’s technology-agnostic approach makes it possible to monitor all and any of your security devices or networks, ensuring that your IT environment is secure at all times.


The automated log and security event correlation from distributed devices facilitates threat detection and significantly improves the efficiency of the incident response management process.

Above Security Has Been Managing Security Since 1999.

Over 300,000 hours of monitoring

Global Security Coverage


Service Delivered in 3 Languages


ArkAngel Features

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Advanced Correlation Engine

The Correlation Engine’s advanced logic provides greater detection of event attack scenarios by performing analysis on all alerts across a client’s network, in order to identify and distinguish patterns that could be indicative of threats that are not easily detected by the human eye.

Security Posture Dashboard

The ArkAngel dashboard gives you a full view of your security posture at one glance. ArkAngel is customizable to your specific needs, so regardless of your position in the organization, you will get the right information for you.


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Asset Detection Engine

Designed to detect servers, workstations, appliances and their operating systems as soon as they appear in the client environment, our signature-based Asset Detection Engine identifies the most critical assets in our clients’ network environments and tracks attribute changes, thus optimizing the threat detection process and improving Above Security’s capabilities to accurately anticipate and prevent attacks.
The Asset Detection Engine operates in passive mode. It listens in on the network cards and is completely undetectable.

Secure Communications

All communications between you and Above Security’s experts take place via the ArkAngel platform and are encrypted, making sure that only you have access to that data. A history of all communications is also securely maintained for policy and regulations compliance, and for historical tracking.

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Security Logs Retention

All security logs are retained by ArkAngel for historical analysis for an extended period of time. The length of the retention period can vary depending on your requirements, be it for regulatory compliance or internal governance policies.


ArkAngel’s technology-agnostic approach allows you to easily integrate with any security device in the network to collect and aggregate alerts, logs and other device-specific information. Whether they are legacy systems, virtual systems, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or even Cloud environments, ArkAngel integrates logs from third-party security systems such as Radware’s anti-DDoS, IBM AS400 iSeries systems, Linux/Unix Platforms, Windows Operating Systems etc.

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Contextualized Information

Our clients’ security posture is strengthened by contextualizing security data feeds with client-specific business logic, allowing ArkAngel’s advanced intelligence engine to paint a complete and accurate picture of your network. This holistic view towards network security leads to a more proactive incident management process.

IP Reputation

Mapping IP communications with a reputation engine improves your monitoring capability of Internet usage and alerts you of policy violations by facilitating the identification of access to non-reputable sites.

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Governance Module

Above Security’s Governance Module is part of ArkAngel, conveniently visible at any time through the web portal. The module gives senior management a specific view of the organization’s security posture at a glance. By focusing only on critical information, the management team can efficiently ensure that business objectives are met and operations are running smoothly.

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