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Why Choose Above Security's Managed Security Services

IT Risk Management

Above Security provides a full-scale Managed Security Service to allow you to protect your most valuable IT assets as well as your organization’s and customers’ data, while helping you meet the most stringent compliance requirements and internal controls. Have our security specialists monitor your network and you will stay protected at all times!

Security and IT Risk Management Expertise

By partnering with Above Security, your team will have a specialized security team extension that has well documented procedures to deal with security threats. This will help your IT staff respond to security events in the most efficient manners.

lowered-cost-increased-securityImprove Protection while reducing your costs

With little to no upfront investment our Managed Security Services will offer the best protection possible at a fraction of the price of in-house deployments. Better security for one 5th of the cost.

Comply with regulations

Our customers are leveraging our Managed Security Service to protect their IT assets, but also to comply with internal and external regulations such as PCI DSS.

Always Protected

We help our customers protect their networks by monitoring their infrastructure 24/7, and by making sure that their devices are always up to date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities out there.

heartbleed virusSuccess Story: Heartbleed Virus

In 2014, Above Security’s 24/7 Managed Security Service detected several critical servers running vulnerable OpenSSL in a client environment. A high-severity incident was created, the affected servers were patched before being exploited and another vulnerability scan was conducted to confirm the fixes.

Managed Security Services Packages

Our newly designed service package bundles will provide you with exactly the security coverage you need. Choose the right level of service for your organization on the basis of your IT security risk profile and unique needs.

Logs Review Service Level Agreement30 Minutes12 hours
Intrusion DetectionBase ServiceBase Service
Logs ManagementBase ServiceBase Service
Incident Response ManagementBase ServiceBase Service
Vulnerability ManagementBase ServiceOptional
Asset DetectionBase ServiceOptional
Firewall ManagementOptionalOptional
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)OptionalOptional
Web Application Firewall (WAF)OptionalOptional
Our Managed Security Services

Log Management

All security-related log data of monitored devices is collected by the on-premise sensors and sent to the Security Operations Center for aggregation, correlation and retention. It is then analyzed by our 24/7 security team in order to identify security incidents, fraudulent activity, and operational problems.


Incident Response Management

As soon as a security alert is detected, our certified security analysts investigate the alert based on their expertise and understanding of the client’s infrastructure. If the alert is determined to be a threat to the client’s network, it will be escalated according to the parameters established in conjunction with the client.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

The ArkAngel dashboard gives you a full view of your security posture at a glance. It’s customizable to your specific needs, so regardless of your position in the organization, you will always get the right information for your needs.


Vulnerability Management

This service allows for scheduled and on-demand vulnerability scanning capability against the latest known vulnerabilities. A variety of network devices, e.g. servers, appliances, applications and workstations, can be scanned for vulnerabilities. Full vulnerability reports are generated to provide clients with an accurate and comprehensive view of their risk profile.

gartner logo

Above Security is the only Canadian IT Security Service Provider to be featured amongst Gartner’s 10 vendors to watch

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Firewall Management

Above Security provides full firewall management capability to its clients as a service. This includes upgrades and patches management, policy configuration, 24/7 administration, log monitoring, and threat response.


File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor and validate the change control policies of system and application files for a broad range of operation systems and applications, providing an early indicator of potential harm or intended file corruption.

Web Application Security

Our full range of web application security services includes testing of software against security standards, ongoing penetration testing, application code reviews, corrective actions, Web application firewall and application development training.


Security Device Management

Using Above Security’s Security Device Management Service, our clients have successfully optimized the complexity of their security device environments, reducing the overhead associated with internal training initiatives. Our Security Device Management offering combines our extensive security experience and robust service management to alleviate IT staff from managing the daily tasks required to maintain security devices.

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