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Above Security delivers customized services for monitoring and protecting the most critical and sensitive IT assets in our clients’ infrastructures 24/7. With a relentless focus on risk management, and continuous improvement of our technology and incident response processes, our clients count on us to provide the right solutions for their businesses – quickly, effectively and with expertise beyond industry standards.

In addition to Arkangel, its own proprietary managed security surveillance solution for intrusion detection and prevention, Above Security provides a full suite of security services including penetration tests, vulnerability scans, forensic analysis, security architecture and configuration review, disaster recovery planning and more.

Above Security caters to small and medium size businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies in important, highly-regulated industries – such as financial services and government – where the need to process or store considerable quantities of confidential data is paramount. Healthcare, telecommunications and education are also key at-risk sectors that we serve.

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